2017 Library Architecture Awards

Here is a link to the architecture awards for libraries for 2017.


Great Links to Well-Designed Libraries

Just threw these up here for now based on features I found striking and some text about the images. I did another post featuring them but do not recall if I have the links there. I forgot I had started this page. Here are some fun links about particular libraries featured on the ArchDaily web … Continue reading Great Links to Well-Designed Libraries

Seattle Central Library by Rem Koolhaas

Seattle Central Library opened in 2004 to great acclaim. Rem Koolhaas, the architect is world renowned. I spoke to a reference librarian there today (6-19-2017) and she told me that the library, for all it's odd shape, actually works pretty well as a library. She said the ESCALATORS WORKED GREAT (see below). The library has … Continue reading Seattle Central Library by Rem Koolhaas

Fabulous Libraries around the World

Here is a random sampling of historical and current libraries from "top # list"s and other sources to be linked later. This list is fun but some odd choices for the top 25. Portugal has fabulous historical library at Mafra. Here is another enumeration of fantastical libraries around the world. Ran out of time. Will … Continue reading Fabulous Libraries around the World

ArchDaily photos of gorgeous libraries

Here are some inspirational photos of new library possibilities. Libraries included are: Ann Arbor, Michigan; Billings, Montana; ***Cedar Rapids, Iowa ***; Driving Park Branch, Columbus, Ohio; Lawrence, Kansas; and Los Gatos, California. (I will have to relocate the link.) Ann Arbor   Billings Public Library       ******* Cedar Rapids, Iowa *******        … Continue reading ArchDaily photos of gorgeous libraries