Branch Libraries – Pros and Cons

Pros Neighborliness Short drives from SOME people's homes Free parking Drive through pick up and drop off possible The pros are pretty self explanatory. I will develop more later if I get a chance. However, I think the CONS so dramatically outweigh the branches that a branch library should not be considered at all. Please … Continue reading Branch Libraries – Pros and Cons


Branch Idea – Build with Accessible Housing

Here is a concept worth considering: conjoin a new library building or branch libraries with housing. I get first dibs on a penthouse condo (fully accessible of course, including the bathroom shower) on the top of the library building! Of course, Chicago is massively larger than Rochester, so branches in big cities make sense. But … Continue reading Branch Idea – Build with Accessible Housing

Former Think Bank Building as a Possible Location

  Panorama looking south. The former Think site is NE near Broadway and off a major arterial from Highway 52 location makes this location very accessible. And the existing building already has GREAT FREE PARKING. Plus the landscaping features provide relief from all concrete and tar all the time. The existing building could be used … Continue reading Former Think Bank Building as a Possible Location