Random Ideas for Special Features or Programming in a new Public Library

author of the week? month? - display book jackets images with books but obviously books get checked out but leave the small poster up so people can reserve books already taken banned books - a classic library theme made permanent section of books and programming about why books should not be banned and the relationship … Continue reading Random Ideas for Special Features or Programming in a new Public Library


Sustainable Living Building Libraries

Here's another excellent Library Journal article. (May 16, 2017) This on is on LEED green building certifications contrasted with Living Building models which I had not heard of before. The article discusses the library building as its own ecosystem and the libraries pictured are NET ZERO buildings in terms of energy use. That would be … Continue reading Sustainable Living Building Libraries

Rochester (MN) needs a New Public Library

Rochester needs a new public library building, not an expansion on an over 20-years old deficient dinosaur of a building that WAS NOT INCLUDED ON THE DMC PLANS IN THE FIRST PLACE. You know they expected to be able to put a hotel or heck, another parking garage there! You can see an alternative building … Continue reading Rochester (MN) needs a New Public Library

DMCC Public Statement 7-27-2017

Here is the copy of the memo I gave to the DMCC (Destination Medical Center Corporation) board today, 7/27/2017 asking for support in designating a location for a new public library a DMC zone for city credit towards our $128 MILLION dollar taxpayer revenue obligation for the DMC project over 20 years. None of which … Continue reading DMCC Public Statement 7-27-2017