Rochester (MN) needs a New Public Library

Rochester needs a new public library building, not an expansion on an over 20-years old deficient dinosaur of a building that WAS NOT INCLUDED ON THE DMC PLANS IN THE FIRST PLACE. You know they expected to be able to put a hotel or heck, another parking garage there! You can see an alternative building … Continue reading Rochester (MN) needs a New Public Library

DMCC Public Statement 7-27-2017

Here is the copy of the memo I gave to the DMCC (Destination Medical Center Corporation) board today, 7/27/2017 asking for support in designating a location for a new public library a DMC zone for city credit towards our $128 MILLION dollar taxpayer revenue obligation for the DMC project over 20 years. None of which … Continue reading DMCC Public Statement 7-27-2017

Branch Libraries – Pros and Cons

Pros Neighborliness Short drives from SOME people's homes Free parking Drive through pick up and drop off possible The pros are pretty self explanatory. I will develop more later if I get a chance. However, I think the CONS so dramatically outweigh the branches that a branch library should not be considered at all. Please … Continue reading Branch Libraries – Pros and Cons

Bookmobile – Rochester Public Library (Current)

Rochester Public Library has one bookmobile. As a librarian noted in a public meeting about the library's future, "BOOKMOBILES ARE BRANCH LIBRARIES." Here is a quote featuring Rochester Public Library's Kim Edson in a 2010 article on bookmobiles:   The 2012 bookmobile, as noted on the RPL web site, is also GREEN: About the Bookmobile … Continue reading Bookmobile – Rochester Public Library (Current)